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Plant-Based Foods Your Meat Eating Friends Will Love

Declan Gannon
01 Jul , 2020

Let’s be honest, we all have friends that will refuse to eat anything labeled as “plant-based.”

As long as there are plant-based eaters, there will be anti-plant-based folks out there who aren’t too fond of the idea. Most people just aren’t aware of what a plant-based diet entails, but occasionally you’ll come across the “But humans are meant to eat meat!” person. No matter where you are on the plant-based to meat-eater spectrum, there are several plant-based foods and ingredients that you’ve probably already been eating for some time now.

Something I find interesting is that a lot of the food people love is already plant-based. However, it’s not always obvious. When I first heard of a plant-based lifestyle, I wasn’t sure what it meant. Obviously it entailed cutting out meat and dairy, but how would I know if certain foods contain those ingredients when so many foods are processed and modified?

Well, it’s a learning process! Of course, fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas, and kale are staples in a plant-based diet, but there are so many more that are rarely talked about. A plant-based diet gets easier with practice and may not even entail cutting out as much food as you think.

Here’s a list of plant-based foods your meat-eating friends will LOVE!

1) Peanut Butter

It’s a rare day when I encounter someone who doesn’t love peanut butter. It also happens to be a necessity in any child’s diet. Long story short, peanut butter is delicious. Who doesn’t love a good peanut butter and jam sandwich?
I like to put peanut butter on more than just toast, however. It’s also great on oatmeal, bagels, or in cookies!

Peanut Butter

2) Pumpkin Seeds

There are plenty of different seeds out there, but some of them make better snacks than others. Sunflower seeds are great for sucking on and chia seeds are awesome in smoothies, but pumpkin seeds are great snacks within themselves.
My family used to make pumpkin seeds for special occasions. They can be salted or spiced in different ways depending on how you’re feeling. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that these seeds are as tasty as candy.

Pumpkin Seeds

3) Maple Syrup

You wake up and mmm, I recognize that smell! Syrup! That’s right, the sweet pancake drizzle that is syrup is 100% delicious and 100% plant-based. Not only is syrup a great pancake or waffle topping, but it’s also a great sweetener in cakes!
Additionally, there are so many variants of regular maple syrup. Personally, I love blueberry and wildberry syrup the most. Seriously, if you’ve never tried berry maple syrup, go get some now!

Maple Syrup

4) Coffee

No matter who you are or what you eat, coffee is everyone’s favourite thing. For some people, it’s an absolute staple needed to get through the day.
Coffee is not only plant-based but can be made into several different flavours and forms. An easy way to turn your coffee plant-based is to change the type of milk you use as a creamer. I find that oat milk tastes the most similar to regular dairy-milk, and there’s absolutely no taste difference in coffee.


5) Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Cooking oil has several healthy versions, but the most common is olive oil. If you have some olive oil laying around, that’s one step further into a plant-based meal! Plus, it looks great on the kitchen counter if in a nice bottle.

Olive Oil


All it takes to start a plant-based diet is a little bit of research. So many of the foods you love may be plant-based and you don’t even realize it. When in doubt, if it comes from nature, you’re good to go!

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