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Making a Vegan Meal Plan? Stock up on these Vegan Staples

Declan Gannon
22 May , 2020

If you’re making a switch to veganism, congratulations! You’re not only helping your physical and mental health, but you’re helping to create a better planet for our children and our children’s children.

Now that you’ve made the decision to go green, you might be wondering how to start and/or create a vegan meal plan. What should I buy? Do I need to fill up my pantry? What do I even eat? We hear you. It may seem confusing or overwhelming at first to completely change what you consume, but it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds–we promise. Here are five staples to add to your fridge and pantry when you transition to a vegan lifestyle.

Almond Milk

Plant-based milk

Whether it’s almond, rice, soy, or oat milk, odds are that most things you’ll cook will require some sort of non-dairy milk. Some of these milks can be stored for quite a while outside of the fridge before being opened, plus they last much longer than dairy milks.

Vegan Butter Spread

Butter spread 

Pretty much any grocery store you’ll visit will have lots of options for vegan butter. The best part? They taste identical to the real deal. These buttery spreads come in several forms and are essential for most vegan dishes you’ll cook.

Vegan Burger

Vegan meats

When you’re starting out with veganism, you might have a few cravings for things from your past lifestyle. However, there’s a way to cure those cravings without giving into eating meat. Several companies have developed vegan meats that taste extremely similar to real meats–how do you think Burger King’s Impossible Whopper got so popular? Some of these brands include Gardein and Morningstar Farms.

Bulk Foods

Bulk foods

These are absolutely essential. When referring to bulk foods, we mean dry foods like beans, rice, quinoa, nuts, and more. These are more than likely going to be your main source of food, so it’s necessary to stock up on them (and don’t forget spices!).

Karma snack bars

Snack bars

We’re not sure about you, but snacks are hard to resist. Seriously, sometimes when we just want snacks, we end up leaving the kitchen with a stomach full of junk. Snack bars (like our Karma bars) are a great, easy-access snack that are great for you!


If you don’t know all of the tips and tricks to veganism right away, don’t worry. You’re new to this lifestyle and it’s okay to make mistakes. Just make sure you live each day intentionally making decisions that benefit you and the planet. Remember to not be too hard on yourself and know that if you truly believe in something enough, you can do it.

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