About us

It’s a super ancient word with absolutely modern relevance.

Basically, it means action. You know, like you ‘accidentally take your sister’s coat’ and next thing you know a bird poops on your head.

The sweet thing about karma though, is that when you choose to do good stuff, great stuff will happen to you in return. Like when you smile at some randomer on the street, and they smile back.

Simple, happy, joy.

So that’s kinda the concept here at Karma.

We act in a good, responsible way

Using real, natural, not processed, not messed with ingredients.

Straight up raw fruit and nuts and vegetables, from the earth, no animals involved.

Then we pack them into snacks that are so deliciously good, it can be hard to believe they’re actually also so pow-wow good for you.

We do a bunch of other cool, good stuff too

Like making all of our healthy snacks, in Ireland, in a no sugar production house (we’re sweet enough just as we are, thank you very much).
We wrap everything in really cute but totally 100% biodegradable packaging.

You won’t catch us polluting any ocean near you, ever.

And we tick lots of very trendy boxes – vegan, yes, dairy free, yes, gluten free – bam, we’re that too.
Add the benefits of omegas, protein, natural energy plus brain and body boosting vitamins and pretty soon we’ll be bagging the good karma rosette.