Who is Karma?

Karma is a gluten free and vegan friendly food company to keep your body healthy and take care of the environment At Karma we work really hard to develop our green credentials. It is one of our key principles to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and working with plant based foods allows us to do that.

Plus plant based foods are so damn tasty, it’s a no brainer.


One of Our Favourite’s


Minty Mingle

27.00 inc VAT



We believe the world of plant-based food is just so exciting and delicious. We also believe that a plant-based diet is healthier for you and that by choosing to eat more plants rather than meat you are also contributing to a more sustainable planet.

At Karma we only use the best natural ingredients that are full of natural goodness and taste. We try to keep our food simple, good and tasty by using minimal ingredients and we know our nature loving customers appreciate that too.

For all those mint cacao lovers out there we dreamt up this tasty gem and boy did we nail it. We mashed together some chop pecans, almonds, dates, through in some cacao and finished with a touch of natural mint flavour.

Best of all, these are vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free and also come in biodegradable packaging.

Minty Mingle…Sure you can bring me anywhere.


Dates – 52%
Pecan – 28%
Cocoa powder – 5%
Almond – 35%
Fresh Mint – 1%

Contains Nut (Almond, Pecan)

Nutritional Info

Nutritional Information per 100g per 40g

Per 100g Per 40g
Energy 2,405Kj
Fat 41.82g 16.73g
Of which is Saturates 4.85g 1.94g
Monounsaturated 25.27g 10.11g
Polyunsaturated 8.90g 3.56g
Carbohydrates 41.08g 16.43g
Of which is sugars 30.52g 12.21g
Fibre 7.5g 3g
Protein 11.81g 4.72g
Salt 0.02g 0.008g

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process for making our Karma raw fruit and nut bars is actually really very straight forward.

  1. We source the best natural ingredients we can in an ethical manner.
  2. The ingredients are blended and mixed together before being cold pressed into the delicious Karma bar you are about to enjoy.
  3. Then they are packed into our biodegradable packaging, boxed up, and ready to ship out to your doorstep.


Our home compostable packaging is made from compostable materials derived from wood pulp sourced from sustainably grown forests, for every tree felled at least 1 and up to 3 are re-grown.

Our packs are designed to break down within 26 Weeks in a home compost environment (e.g. garden compost bin) back into water, Biomass and CO2 and is non-toxic to the compost and is independently tested and accredited by TÜV.

Most plastic snack packaging today is neither recyclable or recycled. Our home compostable packaging can be returned back to nature after use and the resulting compost acts as a soil improver. It’s made from renewable resources, reducing the reliance on petrochemicals.